Green Sculpture Park


The new Caterpillar Museum and Peoria Riverfront Museum creates a great attraction The addition of a Green Sculpture Park on the Museum Campus and spreading to the Riverfront, Interstate, and Civic Center could greatly enhance the downtown. It would be the first and only Green Sculpture Park in the world and help bring people to Play in Peoria.

This proposal calls for the addition of green sculptures that would be artistic and “green”. Wind and solar energy and recycled materials would be incorporated into the design. They could also generate power for lighting in the downtown.

The City of Peoria has many quality sculptures in downtown. The City is increasing “Green” Technology and Sustainability. This Park would be an extension and major enhancement of  those efforts.

A program modeled on the Sioux Falls, South Dakota could be used. Each year sculptures are mounted, kept in place for one year, and become a tourist attraction. After one year those sculptures are removed and new ones mounted in their place. The sculptures are for sale and people vote for their favorite.
The Civic Center could be a sponsor this event, with sculptures mounted in their green space. As the event grew it could cascade down Fulton and on to the Build the Block Campus The sculptures would be a major tourist attraction. And they could be paid for with a mix of TIF Dollars and charitable gifts.

Major "green" sculptures would be erected to be a major entrance to the City at the River and Interstate. And they could provide a very attractive entrance to Build the Block and downtown Peoria.  


Build the Block - Congratulations

  1. Build the Block Looks Great. 

    Congratulations to everyone who 

    helped make it a reality

    Peoria Riverfront Museum
  2. Build the Block Camera provides a near, real-time view into the transformation of seven acres on the Peoria, Illinois riverfront.